Following a drive to Larnaca harbour, board the ‘Zenobia Queen’ and take a short cruise to the Zenobia wreck. The best scuba diving experience in Cyprus is exploring the wreck of the Zenobia. Acknowledged as one of the top wreck dives in the world, the Zenobia is not to be missed.

The Zenobia was a Swedish roll-on, roll-off ferry carrying cargo and fully laden lorries when she sank on her maiden voyage in June 1980. More than 100 of those lorries were shackled in place when the Zenobia went down. The Zenobia displaced more than 10,000 tonnes, and looks very much like the vessels that sail the route between Dover and Calais today.

The wreck is more than 178m in length, and now rests on its port side. With a maximum depth of 42m to the sandy sea-bed, the top rail of the wreck is at 16m.

Enjoy a days diving (2 guided dives) including barbecue lunch, but be warned – one day of diving will definitely leave you wanting more! The size of the wreck allows many new places to explore over multiple days of diving.